Premier Issue -September 2017

Why “Qué Pasa”?   "Qué Pasa” newspaper was conceived with the idea of ​​filling an existing void in Spanish media, here in New Orleans and in our state of Louisiana. Although we now enjoy the privilege of having a growing number of Spanish media such as news publications, radio stations and even a major Spanish television affiliate, as well as different blogs and information on social networks, our team felt the need to create a new forum that would quench our community’s thirst regarding works of art, culture and entertainment in our area.   Hispanic Flavor Productions is the creator of this medium. With a decade of experience in the world of culture in New Orleans, Hispanic Flavor Productions has created, during this time, diverse events for the entertainment not only of our Latin community but our community in general. From the popular program, "Que Pasa New Orleans," that has aired on Telemundo 42 and Channel 6 in its English version, to the creation of festivals like Que Pasa Fest and the New Orleans International Guitar Festival, without leaving out other themed productions such as Mardi Gras Mambo, Christmas of Hope, and The Buena Vista Social just to mention a few.   Our purpose is to inform about the different events that occur while serving as a directory for our growing Latino community and to those interested in our Latin or Hispanic culture. In "Que Pasa," you will find articles written by our local contributors about music, literature, cooking, and travel, in sections that will cover from an interview with a local artist or celebrity, to information targeting our youngest in our Kids section.   We would like to thank you, the reader, for being the reason we exist, urging you to send us your opinions and suggestions to continue serving our community every day. Lastly, we want to acknowledge the media that came before us, like the reputable magazine from the 90s, "Qué Pasa New Orleans," and to the media that exists today for you are the Hispanic information conglomerate of this community that fill us with satisfaction and pride. Hispanic Flavor Productions info@hispanicflavorproductions.com  

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